Dr. Eugene Milford

Headshot of Dr. Eugene Milford

Dr. Milford’s past experiences included working as Staff Attendee at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center which specialized in Geriatric dentistry, Interim Dental Director at Joseph P. Addabbo Medical Center. While maintaining these positions, he was in private practice.

Dr. Milford has experience in many procedures such as fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, bleaching procedures, gum care, etc.

Professionally speaking, his goal is to provide ultimate quality care that exceeds the expectation of every patient he sees when they come to the office. Dr. Milford treats patients like family as he would also like to be treated. Dr. Milford makes the dental visit enjoyable and tolerable.
Passionate about educating patients of all ages on the importance of proper dental care. He is keeping up to date with the latest dental techniques to provide the best patient care.

His interest includes watching old movies on Turner Classic Movie Channel, all genre of music, basketball, baseball, track, and field events, national and international, most of all, he likes to go fishing just to get away.


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